AdKiller Troubleshooter:

So you've installed AdKiller and followed the browser setup instructions,
but AdKiller doesn't seem to be working?

- Are you absolutely sure AdKiller isn't working?
Test it out with the AdKiller Test Page.

- Is AdKiller running?
Look for the AK icon in the taskbar. If you don't see it, AdKiller isn't running. Try running the AdKiller installer again or restarting your PC.

- Is your browser really set up correctly?
Double-check your browser settings. Note that if you are using Internet Explorer and connect to the internet using a modem, then it's really important that you select your chosen dialup connection on the 'Connections' tab of the Internet Options window BEFORE you click the 'Settings...' button.
Browser setup instructions:
    Internet Explorer 5
    Internet Explorer 4

- Still not working?
If, after all that, AdKiller still seems to be not working then please feel free to email me, and don't forget to tell me which version of which browser you are using.         
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